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Hello! My name is Samuel Lifman. I’m 36 and I’m single. I have been working in a computers company for 7 years. At some point, however, I was interested in the laptop and comuters system and at the moment I have been working in a company, that assemble computer components

Since my work fascinates me a lot (almost like a hobby), I decided to create this blog to share with you bunch of useful information from my work experience.

In this blog you will find everything related to laptops, PC and other computer hardware that will help make your choose a good laptop or computer.

I try to keep up with all the news in this area, and thanks to my knowledge and wealth of experience, I can understand what is really worth using. Therefore, I believe that the information I will be sharing with you will undoubtedly be relevant and useful to all readers! Please don’t hesitate to leave any comments, whether it’s good or bad. I will be glad to any of your comments and criticism! This is my first site, so do not judge harshly, I am open to any of your wishes!

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